Grace Watts

With the world's ocean and marine life under threat from plastic pollution, Grace wanted to apply her learning in a way that could make a difference. For her final major project, Grace created the Plastigully - a unique invention that sits in street storm drains and collects any litter that falls into them without affecting water flow.

The invention gained national media attention and the backing of Margaret Bates, the University's Professor of Sustainable Wastes Management and a global authority on the issue of plastic pollution.

Grace, who is hoping the Plastigully will become a viable product, said: “When I was carrying out my research I looked at the ways plastic can enter our oceans and a major source is litter in the street entering waterways.

“With street drains there’s no filtration, litter goes straight into our rivers, so I thought about the ways of trying to stop it. It’s a simple idea, and it works.”

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