Kirk Asiedu

With multiple opportunities for Kirk to learn from industry leaders as well as turn his hand to many different styles of journalism, each experience at Northampton contributed to a career path that has led him to where he is today.

In February 2018, Kirk attended Digital Destinations – an event held during our Changing Futures Week. The event saw a rich mix of specialisms come together - a TV presenter, professional YouTuber, newspaper Editor and Film-maker. As a member of the audience, Kirk used the event as an opportunity to document and write a first-hand report on industry insiders. 

His passion for documentary-style journalism soon manifested itself in his first radio documentary, 'Matters of the Mind: Attitudes Towards Dementia'. An in-depth and moving insight into instances of elderly dementia sufferers in Ghana, a subject inspired by his Aunt. Kirk’s documentary is now recognised as one of the best examples of student journalism in the UK after winning Best Radio Documentary in the Broadcast Journalism Training Council Awards, as well as the Steve Harris Award – overcoming 250 entries from 50 different courses.

Now a graduate, Kirk’s story continues with a prestigious freelance role at Associated Press. 

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