Mature and part-time study

Mature students

Not everyone chooses to go to university straight from school or college, and many decide to look into studying after some time out of education. Anyone over 21 starting a degree is classed in the UK as a ‘mature student’. As such, it’s possible you may have been out of formal education for a very short time, or perhaps you’re midway through a career – or even looking for a challenge during retirement. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help. Our admissions team take your individual circumstances into account when making offers of places, and even the absence of formal qualifications need not be an obstacle to applying or studying. 

If you have any queries about the type of funding that may be available to you as a mature student, the Financial Guidance team are available to help. Talk to us today and we can help you find your future.

Part-time study

All of our part-time students benefit from the same quality support and advice as those in full-time study. Online learning is accessible 24/7 and our extended library hours mean you can work towards your degree at a time to suit you. The fees for studying part-time vary depending on the type and length of the course you choose. Talk to our advisors who can help you find out more.

Associate students

If you still aren’t sure how much time you can commit, maybe becoming one of our associate students is the right path for you? Associate students take individual modules or units on a part-time basis, but don’t commit themselves to completing studies in order to gain a qualification or award. They enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the University of Northampton and study alongside other full and part-time students. Being an associate student is an ideal way of trying out Higher Education and new areas of study. Get in touch with the University to find out more.

If you have any questions about mature, part-time or associate study, speak to us on 0300 303 2772 or email