Blended learning

At Northampton we immerse you in your chosen subject from day one. You will be working on problems and projects that will give you practical insight that will stay with you throughout your learning journey and after you graduate.

We have a focus on seminars and tutorials that allows closer interaction between students and academic staff. This interaction can take the form of one-to-one or small group discussions, allowing for active experimentation, exchange of ideas, teamwork and feedback.

Contact time varies depending on your subject – and where or how you are studying. It may take a virtual rather than face-to-face form through the use of structured activities that you are expected to engage with via our online learning environment – for example, through tutor-facilitated discussion groups and other technology-enabled means. It’s a ‘blended’ approach to learning that makes the most of students’ time. It puts you at the centre of your own learning by giving you more opportunity to ask questions, delve deeper into your subject, and ultimately give you the experience that will benefit you after you graduate.

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