Healthy futures on the horizon for Sport Science students.

Students of the University’s popular Sport and Exercise courses look set for healthier future careers with the arrival of two new lecturers.

Brendon Skinner, the new Senior Lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning, joined the University last week from Staffordshire University where he worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy.

Brendon has 13 years’ experience lecturing in universities and colleges and will teach modules in the new Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning degree (course subject to validation).

Brendon wants to focus on empowering students with plenty of discussion, hands-on content and to make sure they are digitally literate, all helping with their future employability: “I’m a firm believer that people know more than they think they know and never have students do things I haven’t already tried myself.

“Perhaps I’m blowing my own trumpet, but my Staffordshire students have said they will miss me so I think Northampton students will get a good teaching experience from me!

“My last programme had 100% overall satisfaction in the National Student Surveys for two of the past three years and I’ve supported students in achieving some incredible careers, either in professional football or private practice, so I’m really looking forward to knuckling down and delivering a great new course.”

Also joining the University is Brett Baxter, who will be the new Graduate Teaching Assistant for Sport Biomechanics.

Brett joins University of Northampton fresh from completing his Masters’ in Sport Biomechanics at Loughborough University.

He will support Sport Biomechanics lectures part-time whilst studying himself, for a PhD into bed-based exercises for elderly people that could help reduce muscle wastage.

This is his first ever teaching role and Brett believes he will bring a ‘what the student expects’ attitude to teaching, engaging with students as a fellow student: “Everything is so brand new at the fantastic new Waterside campus, from the excellent sport laboratories to a fresh new style of teaching and learning, so I don’t feel so much like the new boy!

“I’m really looking forward to engaging with students about considering a research career. If I can encourage just one to undertake a research career in sport science, that could have a massive impact on people’s lives. I’d consider that to be a job well done.”