Sarah Durbin

Sarah Durbin graduated with a first class BA (Hons) in Primary Education with Qualified Teaching Status and an English Specialism. She is now a teacher at a Northamptonshire primary school and is responsible for 30 children aged five and six.

“I was 21 and a single parent and the idea of being a teacher was batting around in my head but I knew I would have to make some dramatic changes in my life. I took a BTEC in Public Services, re-sat some of my crucial exams, started working part-time at a local Sure Start Children’s Centre and began the Access course. I exceeded all my expectations and before I knew it I was applying for places at universities.

Choosing the University of Northampton was an easy decision. It had an amazing programme with the ability to specialise in a subject. It has given me everything I need to start in my career as a teacher, the qualifications and the experience has been invaluable. I loved every second of my time as the tutors cared about how we were doing and made sure that the course was constantly evaluated and improved.

I thought studying would be a struggle as a single parent, but I had great support, not only from home, but also from staff and my peers at the University.”

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