Robin Chaudhuri

Robin credits the University of Northampton for setting him on the path to a successful career in Law.

After leaving School in 1983, Robin's ambitions only stretched as far as becoming a Personnel Officer – or perhaps, one day, the Manager of a Sports centre. But it was at the forerunner of the University of Northampton, Nene College, where Robin discovered a love of Law, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“My three years in Northampton on the Combined Studies degree course was the stepping stone to what I later achieved,” said Robin.

“My degree taught me the merits of hard work and a love of law as a subject to study. And the University of Northampton, as it is now, is a great place to study, provided you work hard!”

After graduating in 1986, Robin underwent two years of further study, before qualifying as a Barrister. He practiced at the Bar until 2008 when he was appointed a full-time District Judge, a role he still enjoys today at Peterborough Combined Court.

“I spend my working hours making numerous decisions which potentially will have a huge impact on the individuals that appear before me,” said Robin. “I find that enjoyable, but also challenging. To be a Judge is the pinnacle of one’s legal career, but I still look back on my days at Northampton with great fondness, as it was the place that set me on the way to where I am today.”