Sydney K Smith

After graduating from the University of Northampton in 2002 with a degree in Drama with Media and Popular Culture, Sydney Smith went to drama school in London to complete his professional training. While in the capital he was signed by an agent, which has enabled him to find work in television, film and theatre.

"Studying at Northampton helped me to grow as a person. Before I started I didnt really know how to study and research subjects properly. My lecturers helped me to understand what I needed to do, and gave me a lot of support, encouragement and guidance - all of which has been invaluable in my career and personal development.

One of the most important lessons I gained on my degree was during an African theatre lesson. I was afraid to volunteer for an activity, but my teacher pulled me to the side, and told me to 'be brave, trust my instincts and to go for it!' Those gentle words of encouragement have stayed with me and the advice helps me even now!

"I would advise other students to be brave, and never give up on your dreams. Make the most of every opportunity. University can really be a brilliant, life-changing experience."

Sydney has most recently been employed as an actor in Peter Pan Goes Wrong, a chaotic comedy based on J.M. Barrie's classic Peter Pan. The Olivier Award-nominated production ran at the Apollo Theatre in London.

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