Which course?

BA/BSc (Honours): We offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees, most of which take three years to complete. The two most common degree programmes are Bachelor of Arts (BA), which includes subjects such as Business, English, History and The Arts; and Bachelor of Science (BSc), encompassing subjects such as Biology and Computer Science. The designation of your degree as either BA or BSc is determined by the subject (or subjects) you study. It is not an indication of the status or value of the award. All undergraduate programmes are equal in terms of academic level and status whether titled BA or BSc. Many of our degree programmes offer opportunities for you to gain work experience. This might involve a one-year full-time work placement, a shorter placement or individual work-based learning modules.

Joint Honours Degree programme: We also offer an extensive Joint Honours Degree programme where you can choose to study two subjects side-by-side and divide your time between the two. Your choices can involve closely related subjects, or contrasting subjects. You may decide to emphasise one subject, which is considered a Major/Minor programme, or there is the option of studying your two subjects equally, resulting in a Joint Honours Degree.

Higher National Diploma: If you wish to study a work-related subject, then a two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) could be the right choice. HNDs have a vocational focus, and when completed successfully, can be ‘topped-up’ to an Honours Degree with an additional year of study within a relevant area.

Foundation Study Framework: Our Foundation Framework courses provide the best possible preparation for degree level study for students who are willing to learn and advance, but don’t have the standard entry qualifications. Featuring a reduced tuition fee for the first year, these courses provide the opportunity for you to successfully study on the degree pathway of your choice whilst gaining essential study skills. The first year of your chosen degree will be studied over a two-year period; years three and four are then studied as a standard degree programme. Individual course details will indicate whether this is an option for your chosen subject.