Joint Honours

This option opens up a host of possibilities, with a wide range of opportunities for careers and further study at your fingertips. Flexibility is at the heart of our Joint Honours degrees. With a Joint Honours degree you can ensure your programme has:

Breadth - You are not focused on a single specialism, but are able to study across two disciplines.

Flexibility - There is some ability to adjust the balance of your programme from joint to Major/Minor depending on the interests and skills you develop during your time with us.

Embedded skills - By studying across two disciplines, you will develop some essential graduate level skills that employers are looking for.

Student support - You will be able to access support both from your subject areas and centrally from Student Services teams.

You may select two courses to study as Joint Honours, as long as they appear in different letter blocks:

A: Advertising, Creative Writing, Economics, Popular Music, Psychology.

B: Education Studies, English, Law, Marketing Management, Media Production and Moving Image, International Development, International Tourism Management, Sport Studies.

C: Business, Drama, Education Studies, Events Management, Film and Screen Studies, Health Studies, Management, Sociology.

D: Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Criminology, History, Human Geography, Human Resource Management, Multimedia Journalism, Social Care.