Supporting your study

Helping you with your studies

We know that coming to university involves learning skills you might not have needed before, everything from how to write a reference list for an assignment, to how to approach your literature review for your dissertation. Don’t worry. The Learning Development team are available to help in person, and we have an online Student Hub to help you find all the information you could need. As a student at Northampton you will have access to educational resources, course handbooks and assignments, as well as being able to keep up to date with news and events from the University.

Student Services

There might be times when you need support outside of your studies – and of course we are waiting to help. The Student Information Desk is your one stop shop for everyday questions about life at the University of Northampton – there’s almost no question they won’t be able to give you an answer to. If you have a disability or an additional need – such as dyslexia for example – we have a team that will help you take control of your learning by discussing any adjustments and support arrangements you may require. Also we have counsellors and mental health advisors available to provide confidential support if you are experiencing any difficulties or have a mental health condition. And of course, we have student finance experts on hand to guide you through the different options for funding and bursaries, as well as showing you how to put together a budget if it’s not something you're used to.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

One of the most wonderful things about our university is that we are a community that brings together people of all faiths and none. For those who wish to take advantage of it, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy team draws from a number of faith traditions and works for the benefit of all students regardless of their belief, sexuality or gender. You are welcome to drop by at any time to talk, meet with others, pray or simply enjoy some quiet time.