The Northampton Employment Promise


If you complete your HND or achieve a 2:2 degree or above and complete either the Employability Plus Gold programme or achieve a Changemaker Gold Certificate during your time studying with us but…

…still haven’t found full-time employment 12 months after graduating, we will secure a three to six month paid internship for you or support you into postgraduate study.

It works in three simple steps:

1. Commit to your studies. You’ll need to complete your HND or achieve a 2:2 or above degree classification.

2. You’ll also need to complete one of our flagship awards - Changemaker Gold or Employability Plus Gold. These awards involve getting to know yourself, identifying and working on your strengths and gaining practical experience so that when it comes to graduating you’re in a great position to start your career.

3. Keep in touch with us. As alumni of the University we’re here for you wherever your career or future study takes you. We’ve made the Northampton Employment Promise because we’re so confident that completing steps one and two will impress employers and get you on the right path. However, if it doesn’t work out and you find you haven’t secured employment we’ll support you. We’ll be in touch around six months after you’ve graduated to find out what you’re up to.

Our promise:

Whatever your ambitions, we’re here to help you to achieve them. We’ll support you to identify the skills you’re learning during your course, find your strengths and secure practical experience so that when it comes to applying for jobs or further study you’ll feel confident in standing out from the crowd.

We’ve created the Northampton Employment Promise because we are so confident that if you focus on your studies and complete one of our awards, you’ll be highly employable by the time you graduate. Putting you in a great position to secure employment or continue your studies.

Your commitment:

The time that you’re here studying with us is your opportunity to commit to your studies, identify your goals and take steps to reach them. Our Changemaker Certificate and Employability Plus awards will help you to realise your strengths, challenge you to develop new skills and add experience to your CV.

Find out more and read the FAQs here.